Kerplop the Bunny

Kerplop is a precocious orange bunny who, once rescued from a thrift store, discovered zher love of life and experience. Kerplop goes to lots of places and does lots of things with a metric ton of interesting and engaging people. Follow Kerplop's weekday photo updates to find out what sort of exciting trouble ze's gotten into!

On the very first day of the race, volunteers need to be on the Arcata Plaza by 6:00 AM.  There’s a lot of setup and direction that happens at this time, and the various coordinators are so busy all race long that this is the only time they’re actually all in one place. 

I was attached to one of the medics for most of the race… and here is a bonus photo of all (well, most) of the Kinetic Medics!  They keep people from being dead!

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