Kerplop the Bunny

Kerplop is a precocious orange bunny who, once rescued from a thrift store, discovered zher love of life and experience. Kerplop goes to lots of places and does lots of things with a metric ton of interesting and engaging people. Follow Kerplop's weekday photo updates to find out what sort of exciting trouble ze's gotten into!

I hear you asking “What?  What’s this?  What does this have to do with Kinetics?”

You sound completely incredulous, but let me explain something….  Boots are important.  These boots?  They kept feet safe from broken glass, metal shards, poison oak, mud, vomit, and blood during the crazy days of the kinetic sculpture race. 

Also, because I was so busy that I had a hard time getting pics of the other fun stuff I got to do.  Like getting bribes.

You see, a great big part of kinetics is getting bribed.  Bribes are for luck and love and fudging records and general good will.  Everyone has bribes, and everyone gives bribes.  This was one of our favorite bribes - delicious fish cupcake!

Have a great Friday, and I’ll see you on Monday with more Kinetic Madness… onto the machines!

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